Law Of Attraction and Meditation

law of attraction

If you’re not familiar with the Law Of Attraction, LOA for short, then you’re missing out. To put it simply, the LOA is the belief that you’ll attract the things you think about. If you’re constantly thinking about how the world is unfair and you’re mistreated then the universe will send you more of the same. But if you think and focus on the good aspects of your life than the universe will manifest good things instead. It’s kind of like the Meta version of ‘The power of positive thinking’. The only problem? It can be really hard to focus on the positive when you’re used to focusing on the negative. You get stuck in a bad mind set and it can be really hard to break out of it long enough to really start seeing results from positive manifestations. But NEVER FEAR! Today we’re going to be discussing how to bypass our conscious mind and work on not only breaking out of the viscous cycle of a negative mindset, but also begin manifesting positive things in our life ASAP! 

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Making A Crystal Grid

crystal grid

Setting up a crystal grid is a quick and easy bit of magick anyone can do. Chances are if you’ve been in Meta for any significant amount of time you own plenty of crystals already, so this shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor either. All you’ll need are a few medium to large crystals, generally a minimum of 5, and a clear area to set it up. If you want something larger or more complex that’s perfectly fine, and I’ll go into that at the end.  Continue reading “Making A Crystal Grid”

Was That Real?

It’s an issue all fledgling psychics deal with, “Was that experience real or just in my head?” Sure, we’re all excited to have our first experience, to hear a message from our spirit guides or even to see them, but few people expect that experience to be subtle. And unfortunately, psychic senses are often very subtle, especially in the beginning. We often shrug it off as a figment of our imagination, or a daydream that happened when we were zoning out. Even if we acknowledge it as a psychic hit at first, we often doubt ourselves later in retrospect.  

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Reincarnation or an Afterlife?

One question that every religion attempts to answer, ‘What happens to us when we die?’ Usually the answer falls in two categories, a “Heaven or Hell” and reincarnation. As an astral traveler I’ve visited numerous underworlds and Heaven realms, so I know they exist and have people in them who have passed away. At the same time though I’ve been taught all about reincarnation by my guides which seems to clash with my personal observations. 

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Astral Traveling Guide

I wanted to make a short guide to help people learn to Astral Travel. Please note, this isn’t Astral Projection where your consciousness fully leaves your body, instead it’s more like consciously interacting with the Astral through your imagination. It’s something that I think most people don’t bother with because they think it’s less real than a full OBE (out of body experience), but in my opinion it’s just as reliable and much easier to accomplish. Essentially, we’re transferring a portion of our consciousness into our Astral body instead of our full consciousness. The end result is like having a lucid dream while you’re still awake.  Continue reading “Astral Traveling Guide”

Getting Started as a Psychic


The astral, in more scientific terms, is the 5th dimension, above time and space. It’s not physical, so we can’t directly interact with it with our physical bodies. Instead we are only able to interact with it through our minds, more specifically through our imaginations and 3rd eye. If both the 3rd eye and imagination are strong you can allow your 3rd eye to paint you a picture through the imagination. So the key to successfully accessing the astral is building up these two aspects of our minds. Continue reading “Getting Started as a Psychic”

Meta/Life Balance

We all want to be strong psychics. We want more clarity when communicating with our spirit guides or the Immortals, or to be able to cast stronger spells, or whatever aspect of the Meta you’re focused on. But we often fall into a very basic trap, we become so focused on the metaphysical that we ignore the physical. We’re happy living our astral lives and let our human life go on auto pilot. While this may seem like a good trade, it’s actually hindering you in your Meta journey. Continue reading “Meta/Life Balance”