Was That Real?

It’s an issue all fledgling psychics deal with, “Was that experience real or just in my head?” Sure, we’re all excited to have our first experience, to hear a message from our spirit guides or even to see them, but few people expect that experience to be subtle. And unfortunately, psychic senses are often very subtle, especially in the beginning. We often shrug it off as a figment of our imagination, or a daydream that happened when we were zoning out. Even if we acknowledge it as a psychic hit at first, we often doubt ourselves later in retrospect.  


Even the non-subtle stuff can be shrugged off. I once had a friend call me up freaking out, he had seen what he called a demon appear right in front of him. He was religious and had commanded it to leave in the name of God, doing an impromptu exorcism on the spot. He had called me right after seeing it, and insisted that he wasn’t crazy and had actually encountered a demon. A week or so later I sat him down and tried to get more info on his encounter, he told me it had just been his imagination or a trick of the light, and how silly he felt in retrospect. Granted, this person was not someone who was trying to develop psychic senses, but he saw and interacted with a full manifestation, and seeing is supposed to be believing! Yet he still managed to convince himself it was just imaginary 


The point of that story is that it’s very easy to doubt yourself, to dismiss information you see and hear as imagination, but when it comes to developing your psychic senses this can be a huge set back. If you are constantly telling yourself that the experience you had was “Just in your head” then your subconscious is going to treat those psychic hits as not important and limit the number of them that you receive, or possibly stop them all together. But on the other hand, you don’t want to believe everything without question, because you might only be making them up, and when you eventually realize that it can be an even bigger hit to your confidence. 


The best balance that I have found is to simply ask your guides if what you experienced was real or not. Using a tool like a pendulum to communicate with you guides or Higher Self isn’t a bad thing, especially when you’re new. Simply ask them to confirm what you think you heard or experienced. If they say yes then you can enjoy a nice boost to your confidence! If they say no, THAT’S OK TOO! Developing as a psychic takes time and practice, so when you get told that you only imagined something take time to reflect on it, pay attention to the way it felt when it was just your imagination vs when it’s a real psychic hit. In time you’ll be able to tell the difference without needing to ask. When you look at it this way those moments when you were just imagining it won’t seem like a bad thing, just a learning experience! 

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