Understanding the Higher Self

I’ve recently been asked to share information about the nature of the Higher Self. This is tricky for me because I never worked extensively with my own higher self, but I know the role they play in our lives and how other people generally work with theirs, so I’ll explain as best I can. 


The Higher Self is a cross between being a part of us and being our guide. In each incarnation our soul and spirit come together, but they’ll be joined by other beings who serve as our Higher Self and Lower Self. These beings are from the astral realms and are living out their own incarnations. They join in our incarnation to gain life experiences that they normally wouldn’t get from their realms, and for them our lives are so short that it’s like a temporary job. They chip in and help influence us the same way our soul and spirit does, but to a lesser extent. 


To get technical, the Higher Self serves as sort of a moral compass, like a personal Jiminy Cricket, helping you not only determine what is right and wrong, but also WHY it’s right or wrong. They will also act as a mediator between us and the higher dimensions. For example, if an Immortal wanted to give you guidance but you weren’t able to communicate with them, the Higher Self could receive the message on your behalf and guide you subconsciously. This is why it’s important for them to be a part of your incarnation, so they can more directly influence you. 


Alternatively, the much over looked Shadow Self works much the same way, but instead of being a moral compass and connection to higher beings or dimensions, they take care of our basic instincts. They keep us alive, our drive to seek shelter or food and generally take care of ourselves comes from them, but also our greed and jealousy and other selfish traits can stem from them as well. Getting to know your Shadow Self is just as important as getting to know your Higher Self, because understanding them lets you master those negative traits by showing your Shadow Self that you are listening to him/her and taking their advice into consideration. 


Communicating with your Higher or Shadow Self is as easy as communicating with any other astral being, if you’re able to use telepathy with them then simply calling out to them for a conversation is all that’s needed, if not you can use a pendulum or tarot cards to communicate. 

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