Reincarnation or an Afterlife?

One question that every religion attempts to answer, ‘What happens to us when we die?’ Usually the answer falls in two categories, a “Heaven or Hell” and reincarnation. As an astral traveler I’ve visited numerous underworlds and Heaven realms, so I know they exist and have people in them who have passed away. At the same time though I’ve been taught all about reincarnation by my guides which seems to clash with my personal observations. 


Finally, I was given a full explanation by some of the Immortals I work with. The solution lies in understanding the difference between the soul/spirit and a ghost. As I said in my Reincarnation post, we’re made up of various parts, our consciousness is a conglomeration of our spirit, soul, higher self and shadow self all working together. When they come together to form an incarnation a brand-new consciousness is formed, that’s us. When we die the various parts of us leave, the higher and shadow selves go back to their normal lives, and the soul and spirit begin planning and preparing for their next incarnation. Since the soul and spirit are the stronger partners of our consciousness, we’re able to recall our past lives through them. Which explains the concept of reincarnation that we are familiar with in meta and through certain religions. 


That consciousness that is formed from the union of soul/spirit/HS/SS doesn’t just go away after the physical death though. Instead, from what I understand, the astral body continues on. What it does can vary from person to person. Some of us will continue to try to live our lives despite no longer having a physical body, these can be the ghosts that the living often experience. The other option is for them to move on elsewhere such as an underworld or a heaven realm. Each religion has its own realms within the astral so the deceased persons AB can go where it feels comfortable. And this is how the other half of the equation comes into play, the consciousness that you have right now is the part that will become a “ghost” or go to the afterlife.  


One final point that should be mentioned is the “Hell” realms. The underworlds that we associate with punishment for bad people. I’ve heard many psychics claim that these places don’t even exist, that they were made up by religions to scare people into behaving. In my experience they absolutely do exist. I’ve been to many of them for various reasons, and I’ve seen many deceased people there. Some are there being punished like you’d expect, others live there as citizens. From what I understand, if you have a guilty conscious and feel you deserve to be punished you’re likely to go there and be punished. In some cases people are sent there by Immortals if they’ve done something truly evil, but I don’t think it’s a permanent thing for anyone. Eventually the person will realize that it’s ultimately their choice to be there and they’ll leave with an absolved conscience, or in those rare instances where they were sent there by someone else, they’ll serve their sentence and be released. It’s more common to see a soul stuck in hell trying to pay off bad karma they’ve built up, than to see an individual life’s astral body down there. 



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