Self Confidence Tattoo




I’ll place an rune tatoo on your astral body. This will make the natural power of the runes a part of you, allowing you to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

This tattoo will help boost your self esteem, and your confidence in your intuition. Doubt is one of the most common blocks that I see in peoples 3rd eyes, including in my own, so the original purpose was to overcome doubt of the intuition and help us progress as psychics. But as my testers and I discovered, we got a huge confidence boost in all areas of life. More boldness talking to people, more confidence in casting spells, ect. I’m usually very shy, but lately I’ve found myself talking to strangers with ease!

The runes
First up is Tiwaz. This rune is for giving boldness and to boost your chances of success. Even by itself this rune can add a lot of confidence.

Next is Sowilo, the sun rune. Sowilo is here to heal you of past blockages caused from doubt. It also lends it’s warmth to be a comfort to you when you do fail at something so you don’t form new blocks.

Finally we have Mannaz, the rune of self. This one not only ties the first two to you, but also brings an awareness of yourself. It helps you to know your limits, which is vital here. Knowing your limits means knowing that you haven’t reached them yet, another way to boost confidence. But it also serves as a warning when you are approaching them, to help balance you out you don’t become overconfident.