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This listing is for a reading of what psychic gifts you may posses and either haven’t discovered, or are under utilizing. This is meant more for those who haven’t yet developed their psychic abilities, not for the ones who are already advanced, as there might not be much to discover. I’ll use any forms of divination at my disposal from Runes to Tarot, I might even just be asking your spirit guides if all else fails.
If you’d like help developing any skills discovered there’s an option to have either a spell or spirit conjured that can assist. Just choose the appropriate selection before adding it to your cart. If you want the spell or conjure bound to an object you already own, choose the option to have it cast or bound to you directly, then email me with your order number and a picture of the object you want to use.

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Reading abilities.

Just the reading, Reading with a spell on charm (Shipped), Reading plus a spell direct cast on you (Nothing shipped), Reading plus a conjure bound to a charm (shipped), Reading plus a conjure bound to you (Nothing shipped)


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