Money Charm Tattoo




I’ll place an rune tatoo on your astral body. This will make the natural power of the runes a part of you, allowing you to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

We can all use a little more cash in our lives, and that’s exactly what this rune is intended to do. It calls upon the power of Gebo, Fehu and Ansuz.

It calls upon divine aid (Ansuz) to request a gift (Gebo) of money (Fehu).

Working with this combination of runes can help you bring extra cash flow into your life. It could be money you find on the street, extra hours at work, or maybe a winning scratch off. However it comes to you be sure to say thank you to the Immortals who brought it to you, no matter how small the amount always be thankful. A grateful recipient will receive more than an ungrateful one.