Manifestation Tattoo




I’ll place an rune tatoo on your astral body. This will make the natural power of the runes a part of you, allowing you to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

This combination of runes is all about manifesting your desires into reality. It’s law of attraction in the form of a rune script. Of course, practicing the law of attraction is still very helpful, but this tattoo will increase the effectiveness 10x.
A few things this tattoo does specifically:
1) Manifest things that will make you happy. This doesn’t mean that life will be perfect, but the things that will truely make you happy will enter your life as much as possible.
2) Bring you the rewards you’ve earned. We often feel like we haven’t recieved everything we should have in life, that our hard work goes under appreciated. This tattoo will help ensure that you recieve as many rewards for your hard work as possible without any backlash.
3) Bring love into your life. This could be new friends, or a better harmony in your current relationships.
4) Help make your dreams a reality. By meditating with this rune and practicing the “Law of Attraction” you can manifest any dream into reality.