Good Luck Tattoo




I’ll place an rune tatoo on your astral body. This will make the natural power of the runes a part of you, allowing you to reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

This good luck rune binding is a combination of Gebo and Ansuz

Gebo is the rune of friendship and gifts, Ansuz is the rune of communication and calling for divine aid from the gods.

This rune binding will take the power of Gebo to help you form a closer friendship with the Immortal(s) of your choice. Through the power of Ansuz it will automatically ask those Immortals to aid you during your times of need, and Gebo and Ansuz together will encourage the Immortals to give you regular gifts or blessings in your day to day life. These regular blessings and divine assistance is why people consider it to be a good luck binding, even though it’s obviously so much more. Finally, because Ansuz is the rune of communication, this binding will also help you talk with the Immortals easier, through whatever form of communication you prefer.

Even though the runes are a Norse form of magic, this binding isn’t limited to only the Norse Pantheon. It can be used to develope closer bonds with any god of any Pantheon, and to seek the aid and blessings from them.