Blockage Removal


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This spell is to help you remove any blockages from your life, your chakras, and any preventing your psychic abilities from manifesting. No, this won’t just magick them away. Having your blocks removed forcefully through magick or any kind of energy healing is just a temporary measure. If you’re not dealing with the root cause they’ll just come back over and over. For example, if your 3rd eye is blocked by your own doubt in your intuition, removing that block via a spell can give a temporary boost to your psychic gifts, but eventually you’ll begin to doubt in them and they’ll recede once more. This spell uses a combination of Rune energy to help you identify the blocks holding you back, and guide you through removing them. This could mean facing emotional situations that cause you pain or fear, but need to be addressed before you are able to advance.
This spell is also designed to help you outside of your Meta life. Maybe something is keeping you from succeeding in your career or social life, this could also help you to better understand and remove those obstacles as well.

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