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We all want to be strong psychics. We want more clarity when communicating with our spirit guides or the Immortals, or to be able to cast stronger spells, or whatever aspect of the Meta you’re focused on. But we often fall into a very basic trap, we become so focused on the metaphysical that we ignore the physical. We’re happy living our astral lives and let our human life go on auto pilot. While this may seem like a good trade, it’s actually hindering you in your Meta journey.

As I discussed in my post about Incarnation, we’re here to learn life lessons, to give our souls and spirits a chance to grow and mature. We do that through our mundane physical lives, learning to overcome challenges. So if you’re not doing that then you’re only hurting yourself long run.

Another reason you need to balance your physical and Meta life is to increase your potential in the Meta.The character flaws you have in your physical life will also affect you in the astral. For example, if you’re the type of person to take a lot of shortcuts instead of putting in the hard work then in your Meta journey you’re likely to do the same thing. Instead of mastering the basics and creating a solid foundation to grow on you will rely to heavily on other peoples spells. Sacrificing your future progress for short term gains. The same applies to being lazy,being arrogant, picking fights because you have a short fuse (not a good idea when working with gods), ect. I list these examples because they’re all things that I personally struggle with and have seen first hand how they trip me up in my magical life. And overcoming these character flaws requires me to focus on my physical human life more, becoming a better person so I can be a better practitioner.

I can’t just sit around and complain about how no one likes me when I am the one with an abrasive personality. I can’t complain about setbacks no matter how big they are when I’m taking shortcuts. And thanks to the Law Of Attraction, the more I complain about my problems, the more I get.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is basically the concept that you’ll attract what you focus on. If you focus on good things you’ll attract more good, if you focus on your problems by constantly griping about them then you’ll bring in more problems. And as long as we’re focused on our problems we can’t fix the underlying issues.

So in the example from earlier, I’ve often experienced setbacks because of my laziness and desire to take shortcuts. But from my perspective it was never my fault. I was focused on the bad, the setbacks, instead of the root cause. I assumed it was the fault of other people, or the gods, or just the universe hating on me. It wasn’t until I switched my focus that I was able to see the true issue sabotaging me… Myself.

The List

So to help us focus on the positive and use the Law Of Attraction in our favor, I present to you “The List Technique”. It’s really simple, we’re going to create a list of things we’re thankful for in our lives. Then everyday take a few minuets to read the list and say thank you to the universe or whoever for them. The point is to shift our focus from the bad to the positive.

Now when you first start your list you can either start with a single thing, or list out several, but we need to add an item to the list everyday before we meditate on it and say our thanks. This will be super easy in the beginning because we all have obvious things that we should be thankful for. But in time it’ll become more and more difficult. Eventually you’ll feel like you’re running out of positive things in your life to add to the list, that’s when real progress begins.

When you reach the point where the obvious has been listed it’s time to start finding the positive things inside your negative situations. For example, maybe you hate your job but can be thankful that you have enough money to at least cover your basic needs. Maybe your family life isn’t that great, but your thankful that your mom or dad is an awesome cook. It sounds silly, but focusing on those positive things in an area that you normally hate can slowly change your perspective on the situation, you’ll find more and more things that you do like and the negative things will seem less important. This will free up your mind to examine what the problem really is. Sure the guy at work is a jerk, but it’s your choice to react to him or ignore him. And yeah your not making as much money as you’d like, but you chose to work that job and stop looking for better alternatives. This line of thinking is the type of advice we would give our friends, but it seems preposterous to apply the same logic to ourselves. That’s why we don’t grow, we don’t remove the limitations on ourselves because we can’t step outside of our limited view of life and focus on the bigger picture. But by focusing on the happier aspects of a situation you can balance out the negative mindset and view the situation the way a third party would. That’s when you’ll be able to overcome your own limitations and grow into the person you’re meant to be!

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