Making A Spell

Ok I want to show you how to incorporate runes into basic spells, this isn’t a traditional Norse use of runes, but it works well for me. I’ll be creating this spell myself for everyone to use and enjoy, but the process is written out for you to understand how to make similiar spells yourself.

For this excersise we’ll be making a spell to use for pendulums. First thing we need to do is plan out what the spell is going to do and write out a script. Then we’ll be adding a few runes into the script to let their power boost it.

So first let’s look at what we need the spell to do. Obviously we want to shield the pendulum from being influenced by anthing other than the spirit we’re talking to, we’ll also want it to cleanse and charge the pendulum at the beginning. And of course boost the communication as much as possible.

So the script will look something like this:
1) Cleanse the pendulum
2) Charge the pendulum
3) Shield the pendulum, leaving access to only the spirit we desire to speak with
4) Boost comunication as much as possible with strong distinct swings

Nice and simple, now before adding energy we’ll add some runes to boost the four desired effects.

For cleansing we’ll use Laguz the water rune. Water obviously is good for cleansing, but it also has strong ties to psycic abilities.

For charging we’ll use the sun rune Sowilo. The specific intent we’ll be using is for the rune to charge the pendulum with the same amount of sun energy that it would recieve from a full day of charging in the sun naturally. Also, we’ll obviously want to have this step activate after the first step is fully finished so that the two elements are clashing with each other.

For shielding we’ll add Thurisaz and Elhaz. Our intent will be for an energy shield to be formed around the pendulum with the 2 runes drawn onto the side of it, adding as much power as necessary to our shield to block out interference from other spirits or even our own subconscience.

And Ansuz will be added to enhance the communication, this will be to link the spirit we desire to talk with directly to the pendulum.

Full Script

So, here’s my full script. It will be initiated by holding the pendulum in your hands and saying the name of the spell, Rune-pendulum-shield

First the spell, with the boosted power of Laguz, will call upon the water energy from the nearest large body of water. The amount of energy drawn will be relative to the energy built up within the pendulum, enough to fully cleanse without waisting extra energy.

When the pendulum is fully clean the spell will call upon the power of Sowilo to charge the pendulum. The energy will be channeled directly from the sun regardless if it’s visible or not. The amount of energy will be equivalent to a full days charge, but will happen within the span of a second. If the pendulum already has energy within it then the spell will refill it to the equivalent of a full days charge.

When the pendulum is fully charged the spell will automatically draw energy from the caster to form a shield around the pendulum. The runes Thurisaz and Elhaz will be present and fully activated within the shield. If anyone besides the intended spririt attempts to move the pendulum the runes will increase the streangth of the shield to prevent it.

At the same time that the shield forms, the rune Ansuz will appear on the pendulum astrally and forms a temporary link to the spirit the user desires to speak with. This link will allow the spirit to bypass the shields as well as make it easy for him/her to tap into the energy of the pendulum and controll it’s movements. The Ansuz and it’s energy link will leave when the pendulum is set down, or the user wills the spell to end.

Making the Spell

So to make the spell I’ll be creating a strong energy ball in my hand, I’ll name the energy ball the name of the spell, then program it with the script above. Personally I’ll be spending 10 to 15 mins on this initially, but the more energy and intent you put into the ball the better. You can also add energy and further intent later on by reforming the ball and repeating the process.

Also, since I’m incoprorating runes into the spell I’ll need to charge and activate them, I’ll do this with Galdr. Basically after I finish programming the spell, but before I release the energy ball I’ll use Galdr to sing the names of each rune a few times, this will charge and activate them within the spell itself.

So, now you know how to make your own spell and how to incorporate runes into it. What will you make?

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