Making A Crystal Grid

Setting up a crystal grid is a quick and easy bit of magick anyone can do. Chances are if you’ve been in Meta for any significant amount of time you own plenty of crystals already, so this shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor either. All you’ll need are a few medium to large crystals, generally a minimum of 5, and a clear area to set it up. If you want something larger or more complex that’s perfectly fine, and I’ll go into that at the end. 


So, the first question is… What is a crystal grid? To put it simply, a crystal grid is a layout of crystals meant to harness and channel energy for a specific purpose, and the purpose of it can be pretty much anything you want. Think of it like a satellite dish, projecting energies out for you constantly after you set it up, you might need to occasionally maintenance it if something happens, but if it’s left alone you don’t have to do much. 


When you’re first setting up your crystal grid, you’ll want to carefully consider the stones that you use. Different crystals have different energy properties. For example, if you’re wanting a grid to help you find love then you’ll want crystals associated with love or the heart chakra. You’ll also need to pick the center stone which serves as a broad caster, harnessing the energy of the other crystals and sending it out to you. This crystal can be specific to the purpose of the grid, or it can be more generic like a quartz. Personally, I prefer using a large quartz crystal or a quartz tower like THIS ONE.


Once you have the crystals you’ll want to find a good place to set up the grid. You’ll want it to be in an area where it won’t be disturbed, but you’ll also want a close proximity to yourself as well if its purpose is to work directly on you. A night stand next to your bed can work well, or you can even place it under your bed if you prefer. The idea is to have it somewhere you can be near it, and since you spend several hours a day sleeping, near the bed is a great location for it. You also want to remember though, crystals do best when they are able to recharge, so being near a window to charge off of sunlight or moonlight is also ideal. If you have to sacrifice distance from the bed to do so then so be it. 


At this point you have your crystals, an intention for the grid, and a good spot for it, so it’s time to set up the grid. Personally, I like to start with the center tower crystal, simply place that one with the intention of it projecting to its target. If the energy should be going to you then visualize a line tethering you and the tip of the crystal together. If it’s meant to fill the room with a certain type you can visualize energy waves coming out of the crystal and filling the room. 


Next you need to set up the secondary crystals. This will be a ring of crystals going around the center one. As you set down each crystal think of the specific purpose of that crystal, you can think of the spiritual properties of it and how they will contribute to your goal. Then visualize another energy tether that connects that crystal to the center one. You can let all the crystals have generally the same purpose if you want, or you can assign each crystal a part of the overall purpose. For example, if your grid were meant to help you find a job you could have one of the secondary crystals have the intention of earning a lot of money, another with the intention of doing a specific task or just something that you’ll enjoy, the third might be for having a pleasant boss that you get along with, etc. Each crystal in the secondary ring will be funneling their energy and intent into the center broadcasting one, but you can also connect them to each other, letting their energy blend together and circle the grid before funneling into the center stone. I like to imagine the energy swirling like a whirlpool into the middle. If you want to increase the energy flow or make it easier you can bridge the crystals with smaller stones. Small chunks of quartz lined up in a row work well for this, or you can bridge the gaps with selenite wands. 


If you want to add extra layers to your grid you can, another ring of crystals sending extra energy into the secondary crystals can give a huge boost to the overall grid. You can easily add two or three small stones to this outer ring for each of the larger crystals. These can add extra intent and/or extra energy to the primary ring. 


If you really want to get fancy with your grid you can create a platform for it to sit on, this can utilize something like sacred geometry or sigils that you’ve created to help boost the grid. I personally have created grids like the one below that have been prepared with Norse Runes to give extra intent and energy to each stone. 


This is just my method for creating crystal grids, there are other ways you can find with various other techniques such as drawing the connection between the stones with a wand instead of visualizing. However you choose to do it, I highly recommend creating a crystal grid to help give you an edge in whatever endeavors you might have in life. 

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