Law Of Attraction and Meditation

If you’re not familiar with the Law Of Attraction, LOA for short, then you’re missing out. To put it simply, the LOA is the belief that you’ll attract the things you think about. If you’re constantly thinking about how the world is unfair and you’re mistreated then the universe will send you more of the same. But if you think and focus on the good aspects of your life than the universe will manifest good things instead. It’s kind of like the Meta version of ‘The power of positive thinking’. The only problem? It can be really hard to focus on the positive when you’re used to focusing on the negative. You get stuck in a bad mind set and it can be really hard to break out of it long enough to really start seeing results from positive manifestations. But NEVER FEAR! Today we’re going to be discussing how to bypass our conscious mind and work on not only breaking out of the viscous cycle of a negative mindset, but also begin manifesting positive things in our life ASAP! 


The key is to work on your positive affirmations while in a deep mediation, that way your conscious mind is as quiet as you can get it and not overriding the affirmations with more toxic thoughts. To begin you’ll need to find a time period where you can spend 20-30 minuets each day meditating. It’s important to do this daily and not treat it as a onetime exercise, after all, you’ve probably spent years focusing on the negative or at least not focusing on the positive. Spending up to a half hour each day on this can add up after a few weeks, but only if you stick with it. 


If you’re not used to meditating then here’s a simple exercise to help. First get in a comfortable position, sitting is preferred but laying down is ok as long as you don’t fall asleep. 

Next close your eyes and visualize yourself standing in a grassy field barefoot.  

Imagine your toes curling down and digging into the earth, as they dig in they begin to grow and push further into the loose soil below, lengthening and spreading out like tree roots.  

Feel the energy in your body, all the tension and stress swirling like a black cloud throughout your torso and in your head.  

Next, feel the warmth of the sun beating down on your head and shoulders, and allow that warmth and light to soak into you.  

The warmth flows through your head and shoulders and flows down your body, as it does so see the black cloud of tension and stress being pushed down by the bright and warm sunlight.  

The cloud is pushed down your body and out through your feet, down your toes which are now roots digging into the earth. Allow the sunlight to push it all out of you and into the ground.  

Now spend a few minutes just feeling the warm light in your body. Acknowledge the absence of stress and tension. At this point you should feel totally relaxed and have no thoughts in your head besides the image and feeling of yourself filled with light.  

If you need to repeat this exercise to help you relax and clear your mind. 


Once you feel that you are fully relaxed you need to begin your affirmations. Tell yourself that you are (beautiful, confident, loved, etc.). Use this affirmation to help counter any negative thoughts you have about yourself. Remember that you are speaking to, and reprogramming your subconscious here, have that intent in mind while giving yourself these affirmations. Repeat these affirmations for 5 minutes or so to ensure they have time to sink in. 


After you’ve spent some time working on your self-image, it’s time to work on manifesting things with the LOA. You’ll be listing the things that you want to happen, but phrase it as if it already happened. You should also spend this time being grateful not only for the blessings you already have in your life, but also the ones yet to come. For example, you could thank the Universe or God for the job you currently have, and then say thank you for the dream job you’ll be receiving soon. This way you are staying positive, but also showing faith and an expectation for the things you’ll receive in the near future. This recipe is the best way to manifest things quickly into your life, but remember, this isn’t a onetime thing. But if you do this daily for a few weeks you should start to see significant changes not only to your circumstances, but also to your outlook on life. This way the cycle of negativity can be reversed into a cycle of positivity instead. 

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