This is to help people understand the role of the soul and spirit, and how incarnation works. I would like to state beforehand that this information was given to me by a few of the Norse gods, that does not mean it is the entirety of the situation. NO ONE is 100% accurate at hearing/seeing things in the astral, there’s always a chance I missed something or that the gods decided I didn’t need to know some parts. I’m also leaving out things that don’t contribute to the point and would just lead me down endless rabbit paths. Therefore this doesn’t necessarily mean that someone saying differently is wrong, we could just have different pieces of the larger puzzle.

First you have the Immortals. The Immortals are among the oldest beings in our Universe, they exist both in the astral, and the spirit realm like 2 sides of one coin. The individual realms that they live in (Heaven, Olympus, Hell, Hades, ect.) are made to be able to handle their sheer power, but the other realms of the astral and physical can’t hold them. Zues wouldn’t be able to incarnate onto earth himself due to his level of power, so instead he and the other Immortals take pieces of themselves to create souls (I’ll be referring to these either as souls or as shards). These souls are small enough that they are able to enter the other realms through incarnation, and feed experiences back to the Immortal they came from. This is how the Immortals are able to grow and learn, and also to indirectly affect the other parts of the Universe.
But the soul isn’t the only thing that is created by the Immortals, or that goes into an incarnation. Remember how I said that the Immortals exist both as we perceive them in the astral and in the spirit realm? Well the spirit realm version also creates shards to go into the incarnation process.

Generally a new soul and a new spirit will be matched up to work together. The soul from one Immortal, and the spirit from another to provide balance. These two will continue to meet up life after life to enter into each incarnation together. Then for each life a Higher Self and Shadow Self will join in. The HS and SS are actually separate beings living their own incarnation, but who join us to help as guides, and to gain more experiences through our life. Together they form us. Four separate consciences coming together to form one. Think of it as two people holding hands, then two more people placing their hands above and below the first two. The first pair of hands is the soul and spirit, the second pair is the HS and SS. This collaboration forms something new, which is an incarnation. The soul doesn’t control the group, neither does the spirit. If one tries to go in a direction the others disagree with it will be overpowered. Since we are just the group of hands and don’t perceive the whole of the situation we don’t realize that we are 4 in one, we just think of every decision as our own in a singular manner. Essentially we create a new conscience that is the incarnation.

Another important thing to understand is that incarnations aren’t limited to here on earth. Your spirit companions who live in the astral are incarnations the same as us. Their life is just in a different realm.
When we die the various parts of us split up. It’s then up to the soul and spirit to decide what life to live next. They’ll look at things like karma that needs to be balanced out, life lessons that need to be learned, and what the original Immortal might want to experience. Then they’ll use these factors to decide what species, in what realm to incarnate as. They’ll also decide things like rich or poor, a happy nourishing family or a neglectful abusive one. All these things are determined by your soul and spirit before you are born. (If you’re like me you’ll need a moment to curse and yell at those parts of you now)

If for some reason you don’t learn the lessons you’re supposed to during a life you’ll simply have to learn them in a future life. Which unfortunately means if a person were to choose suicide then they would have to face all those things again until they learn to overcome. And since earth is one of the harshest realms to live in there’s a good chance they’ll be spending more lives here until they do learn, because many harsh lessons don’t exist elsewhere. If you want to live your next life in a better realm then your best bet is to attempt to learn from every painful moment. Learn to accept things that can’t be changed, to forgive yourself when necessary, and to overcome hard times.


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