Getting Started as a Psychic-AKA- How to Open Your Third Eye


The astral, in more scientific terms, is the 5th dimension, above time and space. It’s not physical, so we can’t directly interact with it with our physical bodies. Instead we are only able to interact with it through our minds, more specifically through our imaginations and 3rd eye. If both the 3rd eye and imagination are strong you can allow your 3rd eye to paint you a picture through the imagination. So the key to successfully accessing the astral is building up these two aspects of our minds.

Building Up The 3rd Eye

Your third eye is best described as your intuition. It’s the part of you that just knows when something bad is about to happen, the feeling of just knowing something you have no way of knowing. Building up your intuition is just a matter of practice. You have to learn to “turn up” the intuition, and also to “quiet” the mind.

First lets look at turning up the intuition. We all are born with natural intuition, but as we grow up we learn to not trust it. Our society focuses on logic and things that can be proven, while ignoring things labeled as fantasy. Basically, we ignore our intuition until it eventually stops talking all together. To reverse this we simply need to take the time to learn to listen to it again. A good way to do this is to simply take up a form of divination. By practicing with things like Tarot cards, Runes, or even just a pendulum, we’re telling our third eye that we want to hear what it has to say. And we start to build it up like strengthening a muscle.

But building up the intuition isn’t enough, our day to day lives are full of so many things demanding our attention that the quiet voice of intuition is almost impossible to hear. So to counter this we need to learn to quiet our minds through meditation. Most people focus on using meditation to balance their chakras, or deal with stress and anxiety. And that is perfectly fine, no matter what your motivation to meditate, you’re still learning to shut down all the noise going on in your brain. And once you get good at that you can enter into a meditative mindset at will, like flipping a switch.

So to help you learn to meditate I want to provide you with a method I found very useful. You’ll need to dedicate upwards of half an hour a day to this, but it will ease you into meditation instead of trying to jump in could turkey. It’s broken into steps, and each step will take between one to three weeks on average to master, meaning you just progress at your own pace.

Step 1

For step one I want you to place a post-it note on a blank wall where you can see it while meditating. Try to find a spot where that’s all you’ll be seeing.

Now, every day during step one you’ll be staring at this post-it note. The goal is to limit your thoughts to only observations of the post-it. You can think about the color, or the angle that it’s hanging. Maybe observe the shadow on the wall from where the bottom is peeling up. At this stage we’re simply training our brain to focus on something specific instead of allowing it to freely roam like it normally would.

Other thoughts will of course pop into your head, but when they do just acknowledge them and return your focus to the post-it. Don’t get frustrated by the distracting thought, instead just dismiss it for later. Do this the first two times you get a distracting thought, and on the third time end your session. The goal is to not get frustrated by the distractions, getting upset only further harms your attempts to meditate, this is why we end the session after the 3rd attempt, so that you don’t get angry with yourself.

Continue to practice step one everyday until you can successfully go 20-30 minuets without a distracting thought. This can take a few weeks to accomplish, so try not to get frustrated if you aren’t good at it right away, we’re training our brain to do something it’s not used to, so be sure to be patient with yourself.

Step 2

Step 2 is much like step one, we’ll still be using our post-it note on the wall as a focal point, but instead of actively thinking about the note we’ll be simply observing it. A quiet mind just looking without really studying or analyzing.

In the beginning you may still have the random distracting thoughts pop up, but more commonly you’ll have distracting thoughts about the post-it note pop up, your brain will still be wanting to behave as it did in step 1. We’ll address this the same way we did before, simply acknowledge the thought and dismiss it. After the 3rd thought call it a day to prevent yourself from getting upset.

Again, take your time with this step, as hard as it way to get your brain to only focus on one thing, getting it to focus on nothing is just as difficult. Once you feel comfortable with this step and you can make it 20-30 minuets with a clear mind you’ll be ready for step 3

Step 3

I personally think transitioning to this step is relatively easy. All you’re doing now is taking away the post-it note. You can continue to stare at the blank wall if you like, or close your eyes if that’s more comfortable. Either way, this is where you’re doing a more “traditional” meditation. In reality all three steps are meditations in their own way, but we’re finally taking away the tool we’ve been using as a focal point and allowing your brain to be calm and quiet all on it’s own! It probably won’t take long to master this step, but if you find you’re having problems you can always revisit step 2 if needed. Once you manage to make it a full 20-30 minuets per session without any distracting thoughts, keep going. Meditation, like any skill, needs frequent practice so that you don’t get rusty.

Bringing Them Together

These two skills are something you should be working on together, spend some time each day both meditating, and practicing your divination to build up your intuition. I would suggest practicing divination right after meditation so that you’re in the right mindset, this will allow you to really focus on hearing your intuition. You’ll probably start to notice by Step 3 that your getting info you normally wouldn’t. Maybe you are getting info out of nowhere through claircognizance, or sensing the presence of spirits though clairsentience, you might even find yourself holding internal conversations due to developing telepathy.

Of course what we all want is to see spirits, it’s something I went into more detail about here. But as a quick recap, being able to see a spirit, or to see into the astral requires a vivid imagination and a strong 3rd eye. Your imagination will serve as a canvas that your 3rd eye, or intuition, will paint on. Allowing you to “see” what your physical eyes cannot. In time you can even begin to see them with your eyes, like a mental image overlaying the physical world.

I’ve often referred to my astral traveling as being a VERY vivid daydream. This isn’t to downplay my astral traveling or make it sound like it’s all just made up, but that’s how my brain best interacts with the astral, it’s no less real than having a full OBE (Out of Body Experience) for me, and it’s much easier to accomplish. I tell you this because I want to stress how powerful the coupling of imagination and 3rd eye can be.

If this is your goal then in addition to the divination and meditation practices I recommend practicing your visualization skills.

Visualization Practice

Lets start with something basic. Close your eyes and picture a pencil. Nothing fancy, just a standard number 2 pencil. Try to see as much detail as possible, the sharpened point, where the paint is unevenly shaved off from the sharpener, the eraser worn down on one side. Everything. If you have trouble picturing it then don’t worry, you can do this a little each day till you get it.

Once you have that image in mind try moving it, roll the pencil so you can watch the different sides, note the change in details as it spins. This is something you’ve probably seen a million times while sitting in your classroom in school, so your brain knows what it should look like. Just let the visual naturally change as the pencil moves.

Once you’re comfortable with that move on to something more complex, maybe a half eaten apple, where you can observe the teeth marks as it spins, or an open laptop, where you can see all the keys and mouse pad. Eventually you can work your way up to people, visualizing the details of a friend, then letting that visualization move and walk and talk, all just based on memories of your friend.

Once you’re comfortable with visualizing a person with clear details you can start trying to visualize your spirit guides. You can try to get the general details from someone who can see already, or by asking questions via a pendulum or other divination tools. Then take those basic details and let your intuition fill in the rest.

For example, maybe through asking your pendulum you find out that a spirit is a female humanoid with long red hair and blue eyes. You can then visualize a basic woman with those features, and see what else happens. If your intuition is strong you’ll likely start to see more details popping up until you have a full picture. With enough practice you won’t need to know the basic details anymore, you’ll just be able to have the full picture come to mind right away.

The hardest part is simply letting go and not trying to control the visual. Let the details flow naturally like they would in a dream, you’re just a spectator in your mind, not the artist. Once you’re able to “let go” of the visualization you’ll notice that it will come to life, the visualized spirit will be able to move around and talk because your 3rd eye is relaying to you what it’s seeing in the astral.

Final Note

I do want to give a little disclaimer here. The info I’ve shared here is my personal experiences and methods. I know there are people who claim to have peeled away the veil from their 3rd eye in order to see with their physical eyes. There’s also people who have mastered Astral Projection so that they are able to consciously leave their bodies at will and interact with the astral and spirits. I’m not saying that my method is any better or worse than theirs. It’s simply the way that I personally learned and so it’s the only way I can teach. If my method doesn’t work for you, or it doesn’t appeal to you, then I sincerely wish you the best of luck. I hope you find a method that does work.

However, I also beg you not to go chasing after some magick spell that will do everything for you.

For starters they are only tools to help you, not do everything for you.

Secondly, spells have limits, they can only do so much. YOU only have one limit, and that’s your dedication. If you’re willing to put in hard work you will outpace anyone relying on a spell or some other tool instead of practicing.

Finally, EVERYTHING comes at a cost. If there’s some god or demon offering to give you a ton of power or psychic abilities you can rest assured you’ll be paying for it in some way. Exorcise caution, and don’t trust every seller to tell you about the fine print in rituals.


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