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Ok ghosts and gouls. As Pythia keeps reminding me, it’s Scorpio season, which makes it the perfect time to practice or learn Magick!! So I figured a brief write up was in order to help you learn a little for yourself.

For today I want to discuss Chaos Magick. Chaos Magick is something that you are doing yourself. Most traditional magick that you would learn from practiced occultists are rituals that have been around for a very long time. These rituals are usually something that you have to follow precisely, or close to it, in order for it to work. They’re often powered by a god or spirit, meaning that they’re just a turn key spell: Say the words, light the candles, and the magick begins working. I’ll reference some great books down below if that’s what you want to try, but for now I want to teach you to do things yourself.

So, what is Chaos Magick? To put it simply, it’s magick that works because you have faith in it to work. YOU put the energy in. YOU set the intent. YOU make it happen.

Let’s look at sigils as an example. When you create a sigil you are literally just writing out your intent or desire, taking some of the letters from that sentence, and creating a squiggly mess from it. That random bunch of lines formed by the letters becomes a signal to the Universe of what it is that you want to happen, it’s a short hand for your intent. Next you have to charge the sigil, something you can do by visualizing energy flowing into it, or even by exposing it to the elements (rub dirt on it, get a few drops of water on it, blow on it, then set it on fire). That’s 90% of the magick done right there, you set your intent and then added energy to it. There is a third part I’m skipping over there, because I’m saving it for a future paragraph. The final part is the hardest. After you have created your intent and set the energy in motion to make it happen you then need to let go. Know that the Universe has heard your desire and will do what it can to make it happen. The Universe is very good at giving us what we ask for, if you know how to ask. That’s why positive people who expect good things to happen seem to have the best luck, while negative people get screwed all the time, their expectations are telling the Universe what to give them. That’s why it’s important to expect the Universe to help you make your spells a reality, if you doubt it’ll actually happen then that expectation overrides the desire behind the spell and cancels it out. But if you have faith that it will happen then you are reinforcing the message to the Universe.

So why do I say let it go instead of dwelling on it in a positive way? Well, there’s three reasons. First, when you dwell on your desired outcome you’ll naturally start dreaming about how it’ll manifest. If you want extra money you might start thinking about how you’ll get the money, you’ll think about how great it would be to get a big raise or win the lottery. These desires are still be sent out to the Universe, so you’re basically adding on to your original request and specifying how you want it to happen. This actually limits the Universe’s ability to help you, getting a raise or winning the lottery is probably not in the cards for you right now, but a new job with a much higher salary is a possibility. But because your desire has boxed in the Universe into fulfilling things a certain way, you won’t get that new job. Second, imagine that you had a fairy godmother show up and grant you a wish. If you said you wanted money, but then kept talking and talking about how great it would be to have more money do you think she’s going to be rude and interrupt you? Or wait until you stfu to do her thing? Same for the Universe. It’ll often wait until you have finished your request before acting, meaning you’re just wasting time.

Now for that secret ingredient to making your spells work that I was saving for later. This is something that I picked up from a few books that I’ll list down below, but I’ve found that it really helps boost a spell. It’s called EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY. Now if you’re astute you’ll notice that I keep saying Desire and Intent instead of just intent. The reason is that, unlike us humans have become, the spirits, gods, and even the Universe, use emotions to communicate. Some spirits exclusively use emotions to communicate! So by adding an emotional aspect to your request from the Universe you’re basically reinforcing it. Think of it like a letter with both English and Spanish, it’s written in both so that you can use whichever language you’re more comfortable with to understand the message. That’s what we’re doing with our spells, we’re adding emotions to it so that the Universe can better understand what we want from it.

Using emotional alchemy is pretty easy, as you’re casting your spell, at whatever point you’re setting your intent, you’re going to let your emotions shine through. Think about your current state and how it makes you feel, then think about how you’ll feel right after your desire has been met, and finally think about how you’ll feel a year later looking back on the spell. So, going back to our money example, think about how you feel right now. You’re broke and worried about finances. Next think about the sense of relief you’ll feel when you suddenly get extra money and can not only pay your bills, but even have extra money to spend on a night out. Finally, think about how you’ll feel next year when you’re looking back to this point in your life, about how grateful you are to not be broke all the time.

This change in your emotions is the alchemy. It’s your way of emotionally communicating with the Universe. You’re basically saying, “Hey, this is the way I feel right now, but I want to feel this way instead.” After you’ve done that you can add the energy to the spell and then forget about it. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not forgetting about your problem, you’re forgetting about the spell. You still should be doing whatever you can to improve your situation, but be confident that the Universe is now in your corner helping out. Maybe you’ll get a call out of the blue from a recruiter who saw your resume on Linkedin and wants to hire you for your dream job, but it’s more likely to happen if you first apply to your dream job and the Universe tips the scales in your favor.

Final Thought

You can see some amazing results with magick. Things can often drop out of the blue, the impossible can sometimes happen, or it could be so mundane that you can’t tell if it’s the spell or your own efforts paying off. But something important to remember is that, just because you cast the spell doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. If you cast a spell to get your ex back, but there’s someone you’re fated to be with, the magick is likely to fail. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that the Universe knows better in this instance and is giving you what you need instead of what you want.


Ok, as promised, here are the books if you want to learn more. Note that these are using my amazon affiliate link, meaning that if you click through and buy a book I’ll get a (very small) commission. If you don’t want me to make money off of my recommendation then you can simply search for them yourself, but I still think they are worth checking out.

‘Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne ’

This is one I liked so much after reading the kindle version that I ordered 2 physical copies, one for myself and one for a friend. It goes more into chaos magick and a few different ways you can implement it.

‘72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand’

This is a great one if you want to work with angels. The book has a summoning ritual so you can call up the desired angel and ask them to help you. It also has 72 angels listed that you can call upon, and lists their powers. I’ll warn you though, the ritual has to be repeated everyday for 11 days, make sure you can dedicate the time before ordering this one.

‘Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand ’

This book covers how to create and program a servitor to help you in your life. If you’re not familiar with them, servitors are like spirits that you created, they can use magick to give you a boost either in specific tasks, or just a general area of your life. THERE IS ONE THING I DON’T LIKE IN THIS BOOK!!! The author discusses creating a kill switch in your servitor, something to cause it to die if it doesn’t obey you. I consider this to be quite despicable, but it’s a common practice and this book is so good that I feel I have to share it.


Now both of these authors have a lot of other great books, these are just the ones I chose to highlight because I’ve used them with success.  If you want more great stuff look at some of their other books and see if any of it appeals to you.

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