Dealing with Curses

Another suggested post I’ve received was on the topic of curses and how to deal with them. Unfortunately, this is a very broad topic, but I’ll do my best to cover it quickly. 


The first thing you have to understand is cursing is very common.

People do it all the time without realizing it. If you’ve ever been mad at someone or jealous of them, you’ve most likely sent negative energy their way subconsciously, this energy probably manifested as something like bad luck or a headache if it wasn’t blocked. This is a curse, though a rather simple one. Minor curses like this can be blocked with a basic shield, just visualize a globe of energy around you, protecting you. 


A more serious curse is one cast by an actual practitioner. This is an intentional curse sent to do you harm. This is where you get a wide variety of possible curses, using all kinds of different energies. In my experience these are often cast directly into one or more chakras to affect you through them. For example, a curse meant to cause you social problems might go after your sacral chakra, one meant to stunt your psychic abilities could go into your third eye or crown chakra. When it comes to defending from these curses it’s just a question of strength, if your shield has more energy than the curse then you’re likely safe, if not then it’ll probably break through and hit you. You can still protect yourself with the same globe of energy as before, but I suggest spending some time each day visualizing that shield and adding more and more energy to it. The stronger it is, the more protection it’ll offer you.  


Next you have non-human curses. Curses from demons or any sort of malicious being. These usually act the same as the ones created by practitioners, but can be much stronger. Again, a shield you create yourself can handle it if it has enough energy, but if you ever feel you have been hit by this sort of curse you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to myself or another experienced practitioner for help. 


A real problem is a divine curse. Divine curses are usually sent by Immortals to teach you a lesson. I call them a curse, but really, they’re more of a punishment till you learn your lesson. Generally speaking, these can’t be blocked. I say generally because I don’t want to assume I know everything, but to my knowledge they are unstoppable. The only way to deal with a divine curse is to learn why you were cursed and change your behavior. A simple “Oh, I won’t do that again” isn’t enough though, you’ll usually have to be in a situation where you’re tempted to repeat the negative behavior several times to demonstrate your will power. 


Finally, I should mention karmic curses. These types of curses are usually something you’re born with, it’s a punishment for something you did in a previous life. These can’t be blocked, and often can’t be lifted. The few times I’ve seen them lifted is when the person has figured out what they did in the previous life to earn the bad karma and found a way to make amends. But honestly, if you have this type of curse, it’s more than likely something you’ll have to live with for your whole life.  


If you’re able to see into the astral you can usually see normal curses. They generally appear as a black or very dark energy. Often, I see them as strings or ropes tying around the person who was cursed. When they’re in a chakra they’ll get twisted up and tangled in there, almost like if you threw a piece of twine into a fan. And just like that fan, the chakra will get clogged up and be unable to work properly, which is how the curse takes effect. Identifying a divine or karmic curse can be very tricky.  Sometimes you can see them as a white or lighter color, but often it takes an intuitive hit or claircognizance to know for sure what you’re dealing with. 


There are a few ways to remove a curse, the more strenuous method would be to reach into the chakra (or where ever the curse is) and untangle it to pull it free. Depending on the severity and strength of the curse though, this can be quite tedious. A simpler method is to use a different energy to cancel it out. You can override and erase the darker energy with a higher energy such as love. The benefit to this method is it’s not only easier, but it can provide healing to the person while removing the curse.  I highly suggest after removing any curse that you cleanse yourself and your space with either Sage or Oils

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