Getting Started as a Psychic-AKA- How to Open Your Third Eye


The astral, in more scientific terms, is the 5th dimension, above time and space. It’s not physical, so we can’t directly interact with it with our physical bodies. Instead we are only able to interact with it through our minds, more specifically through our imaginations and 3rd eye. If both the 3rd eye and imagination are strong you can allow your 3rd eye to paint you a picture through the imagination. So the key to successfully accessing the astral is building up these two aspects of our minds. Continue reading “Getting Started as a Psychic-AKA- How to Open Your Third Eye”

Meta/Life Balance

We all want to be strong psychics. We want more clarity when communicating with our spirit guides or the Immortals, or to be able to cast stronger spells, or whatever aspect of the Meta you’re focused on. But we often fall into a very basic trap, we become so focused on the metaphysical that we ignore the physical. We’re happy living our astral lives and let our human life go on auto pilot. While this may seem like a good trade, it’s actually hindering you in your Meta journey. Continue reading “Meta/Life Balance”


This is to help people understand the role of the soul and spirit, and how incarnation works. I would like to state beforehand that this information was given to me by a few of the Norse gods, that does not mean it is the entirety of the situation. NO ONE is 100% accurate at hearing/seeing things in the astral, there’s always a chance I missed something or that the gods decided I didn’t need to know some parts. I’m also leaving out things that don’t contribute to the point and would just lead me down endless rabbit paths. Therefore this doesn’t necessarily mean that someone saying differently is wrong, we could just have different pieces of the larger puzzle.

First you have the Immortals. The Immortals are among the oldest beings in our Universe, Continue reading “Incarnation”

A Better Chakra Method

We all want balanced chakras. Having your third eye and crown chakra open and balanced is important to accessing your psychic gifts. But to get full use of them we need our lower chakras open and balanced as well, otherwise we won’t have the full energy flow to the upper ones.

There’s several ways to open and balance your chakras. You can use spells, crystals, binaural beats, mantras, and meditation. But we have a tendancy of screwing one thing up, and that’s our mindset.

Have you ever had a great chakra session and felt great afterward? You feel like a million bucks. You’re happy and feel like you can Continue reading “A Better Chakra Method”

Making A Spell

Ok I want to show you how to incorporate runes into basic spells, this isn’t a traditional Norse use of runes, but it works well for me. I’ll be creating this spell myself for everyone to use and enjoy, but the process is written out for you to understand how to make similiar spells yourself.

For this excersise we’ll be making a spell to use for pendulums. First thing we need to do is plan out what the spell is going to do and write out a script. Then we’ll be adding a few runes into the script to let their power boost it.

So first let’s look at Continue reading “Making A Spell”

3rd Eye Development

Every one wants to open their third eye. Weather you’re new to meta or a seasoned verteran who hasn’t yet developed your psychic powers, you probably check out every spell, post and YouTube video about opening it. You’ve probably tried binary beats, special diets to decalcify your pineal gland, chakra meditation, various spells and everything else Google recommends.
The one thing people (myself included at the beginning) forget to try is Continue reading “3rd Eye Development”