Astral Traveling Guide

I wanted to make a short guide to help people learn to Astral Travel. Please note, this isn’t Astral Projection where your consciousness fully leaves your body, instead it’s more like consciously interacting with the Astral through your imagination. It’s something that I think most people don’t bother with because they think it’s less real than a full OBE (out of body experience), but in my opinion it’s just as reliable and much easier to accomplish. Essentially, we’re transferring a portion of our consciousness into our Astral body instead of our full consciousness. The end result is like having a lucid dream while you’re still awake. 

If you haven’t already done so, I highly suggest you check out my recent post on ‘Getting Started as a Psychic, this exercise will pair well with those. 


Getting Ready 


When you first get started with this it’ll help you tremendously to do some prep work before practicing. Once you’re more comfortable with it you can easily start Astral Traveling at any time, but in the beginning you’ll want to be able to focus more.  

The first thing you want to do is get into a meditative mindset, clearing your mind of any and all distractions (again please refer to my post on ‘Getting Started as a Psychic’). Now I’m not saying you need to sit in the lotus position or anything, just get yourself comfortable and clear your mind without falling asleep. You can lay down or sit in your favorite chair, whatever you need to do. 

Sense of Touch 


Next you need to close your eyes and begin visualizing. Generally it helps to start off imagining yourself in a black empty space, this allows you to focus on feeling your astral body instead of being distracted by visual scenery. Personally, I like to wave my arms and stomp my feet a bit, the goal is to “feel” these movements.  This step can take a while to master, but I highly suggest you keep at it until you do. You know what it feels like to move your arms and legs, how it feels to run in place or do jumping jacks, so your brain should be able to feed these sensations to you as your astral body does them. Having this basic sense of movement will help you a lot with your coordination later on as you’re Astral Traveling. 

Beyond just a sense of movement you can also develop your sense of touch by clapping your hands together, or maybe rubbing your arms and legs, chest and stomach, etc. I know most people want to focus on seeing and hearing, but a strong sense of touch in the astral can make the experience much more real, it’s subtle, but makes a huge difference. 

Seeing and Hearing 


Once you’ve gotten pretty comfortable with feeling it’s time to move on to seeing with your astral body. When it comes to seeing you’re going to need to learn to connect your imagination and your third eye. Basically, your imagination will serve as a canvas that your third eye will paint on. The way I do it is to provide some basic details to “jump start” the visualization. For example, if I’m viewing the inside of the room I’m in, I’ll visualize all the details my physical eyes saw, then let go of the image and let my 3rd eye show me what my physical eyes can’t. It’s difficult to explain how you “let go”, but if your intuition is strong it will just happen. 


So lets get started with this step. Start with the feeling exercise to connect with your astral body. Then you’re going to move from the black emptiness to somewhere you can explore. This can be a familiar setting if you like, such as your house or work place, but you can also visit someplace you’ve never been before. For this exercise lets use this picture here below. 

Feel yourself teleport onto this bridge. Feel the old wood railing under your hand, the planks giving softly under your feet. Look towards the woods and note what you see. What kind of wild life? Remember, you’re creating the initial visualization, but you’re allowing your third eye to take control and add in the details. You can also pay attention to any noises you hear. Birds chirping, water in the creek under the bridge, wind blowing through the trees, etc.  


When you feel comfortable letting your 3rd eye add details you can start exploring new areas. If you work with spirit companions try inviting them to join you during your practice sessions, then once you’re ready to move on they can take you to different realms and areas to explore. 



This form of Astral Traveling can take a while to perfect, but once you get the hang of it it’s much easier to use for quick interactions then full Astral Projection. And as you increase your senses and learn to get deeper into a meditative mind set you’ll find that the experiences you have with this method can feel so real that it blurs the line of your astral and physical bodies. 

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