Are Tarot Readings Accurate?

Are tarot readings accurate? What about runes? Tea leaves or palm reading? How accurate is divination, or are the skeptics right?


The answer is… It depends. A lot of divination boils down to the person doing the reading and how strong their intuition is. I’ve known some psychics who can tell you insane levels about your personal life just by reading tarot cards, and others who seem to be just guessing half the time. 


The problem is the cards (or whatever tool is being used) are often vague in their meaning. For example the Ace of Wands usually means inspiration, opportunities, potential, ect. Depending on the question asked this may need a lot more explanation. If the question had been about your career the card could be telling you to search for a new job, seek a promotion, or ask for a raise. It’s up to the psychic doing the reading to interpret which one is meant.


The second important factor is also subject to the psychics intuition, and that’s choosing the cards. When I’m doing a reading I often just shuffle until my intuition tells me to stop. If I just shuffle a few times and draw cards I find that my readings are much more inaccurate, meaning that it’s the intuition helping me choose that adds that much needed edge to the reading. As another example, I’m a big fan of reading runes. I’ll usually spread the runes out in front of me upside down and let my hand pass over them, feeling out the energy of the stones as I do so. When I pass over one that seems to call to me I pick it up and place it in the spread I’m using. This always brings me better results than just randomly picking them out of the bag or a pile.


The final challenge to having an accurate reading is the fact that the future is uncertain. Every day you make choices that rewrite your future. If any psychic reads something they are seeing one possible scenario out of hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions. And here’s the really tricky part, whatever they tell you affects the probability of that future becoming a reality for you. What do I mean? Well, if I told you that you were going to get a new job soon, a much nicer one with higher pay, do you think you’d still behave the same way at your current job? Would you put in the same amount of effort if you knew you’d be leaving soon? Probably not, most people start to slack off a bit when they know they’re about to leave. But what I didn’t see in the reading is the reason you were getting another job. In that scenario a competitor saw how awesome you are and wants to make you an offer. Now that you’re slacking off that other employer doesn’t notice you and you’re stuck where you are. 


That example is a bit extreme, but it’s an accurate representation of what happens. Every time you gain knowledge of your future you potentially damage the odds of it happening. Does that mean that tarot is inaccurate? No. It’s still a great way of looking at the present and past in order to understand things better. It’s also great for communicating with spirits and figuring out what your guides want you to do. But when you’re getting a reading, just remember that it’s your actions that determine your future, not the cards.


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