A Brief Look At Energy Healing

Energy healing is an important skill for anyone in meta. No matter how much you try to avoid it in life, sickness and injuries happen. And while an energy healing might not work miracles for your average practitioner, it can definitely speed up the healing process and provide pain relief when done correctly. 


The most common type of energy healing you’ll find today is Reiki. Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, Rei which means “Universal Life” and Ki which means “Energy”.  The idea is that you are tapping into this universal life force, letting it flow through you entering at the crown chakra down to the heart chakra and then out through the hands into the person being healed.  


But in reality, the “Universal Life Energy” isn’t the only energy that can be used for healing. Personally, I like to use water energy for healing, but love energy is often popular. But ultimately, almost any high vibration energy can be used. Discovering one that you are comfortable with, and responds well to you, is just an issue of experimenting with different energies and finding one that you can “feel”. Try visualizing the different types of energy and picture them moving, like you were lifting them with your mind. 


When you find one that feels comfortable and easy for you to move you can practice using it to heal. Let the energy flow through you and out your hands into whoever you’re wanting to heal. As the energy enters them use your intent and desire to give it purpose. If the person you’re healing is injured “see” the energy flowing to the injury and closing the wound. If they are sick “see” it flowing through their body and erasing the germs. 


Energy work, whether it’s healing or making spells, is all about energy and intention. Visualizing the energy and its actions helps sharpen the intention, but if you have trouble visualizing you can instead say what you want it to do, either out loud or in your mind. 

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