A Better Chakra Method

We all want balanced chakras. Having your third eye and crown chakra open and balanced is important to accessing your psychic gifts. But to get full use of them we need our lower chakras open and balanced as well, otherwise we won’t have the full energy flow to the upper ones.

There’s several ways to open and balance your chakras. You can use spells, crystals, binaural beats, mantras, and meditation. But we have a tendancy of screwing one thing up, and that’s our mindset.

Have you ever had a great chakra session and felt great afterward? You feel like a million bucks. You’re happy and feel like you can do anything.. At least, for a couple of hours. Then you get stuck in traffic, or run into that one guy who always gets on your nerves, suddenly that amazing positivity is lessened. After a few hours or days you’re right back to the way you were. Why? Because our emotions and mindset have an effect on our chakras the same way our chakras have an impact on our mindset and emotions. A negative mind will clog up your chakras in no time. What most of us do by working on our chakras daily is take 2 steps forward 1 step back. Eventually, if you stick with it, you’ll find yourself being more positive, but it can be a long hard road.

So what’s a better way? To change our mindset and work on our chakras. When you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one. If someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of yelling and cursing, try to relax and send him a blessing of safety so he doesn’t cause an accident. Found out someone is talking behind your back? Try forgiving them. Doesn’t have to be to thier face, just say to yourself that you forgive them for their actions.

Is it easy? HELL NO!!! But in time you’ll find that it gets easier.

It takes roughly 30 days to make something a habit. So if you can do this for one month you’ll find yourself being more positive overall. And if you’re also working on your chakras during that time you’ll find them improving significantly faster than before!

Just think of it as a 30 day challenge.

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