3rd Eye Development

Every one wants to open their third eye. Weather you’re new to meta or a seasoned verteran who hasn’t yet developed your psychic powers, you probably check out every spell, post and YouTube video about opening it. You’ve probably tried binary beats, special diets to decalcify your pineal gland, chakra meditation, various spells and everything else Google recommends.
The one thing people (myself included at the beginning) forget to try is simple practice. You’d be suprised how many people have their third eye open but don’t actually know it. Why? Because they don’t know how to use it properly. Having your eye open and knowing how to see out of it are to seperate things. I remember when I first had a friend tell me that mine was open. It blew me away cause I couldn’t see my spirit companions at all, but once I had that knowledge I started practicing using it instead of buying the next “3rd eye spell”.

Nature of the third eye
One thing you need to understand is the nature of the third eye. Most of us persuing mediumship or spirit companionship focus on the ability to “see”. We want to be able to see and interact with non physical beings. But we forget that “seeing” isn’t the only thing the third eye is good for. It’s not even the primary purpose. In truth the more common use for it is intuition.
Think of it like a muscle. If you’ve ever done any weight training then you probably know that focusing on one muscle is ineffecient. For example if you want to work out your biceps then you also need to work on your triceps. Working on both allows both to develop quickly, ignoring one stunts and limits the development of the other. The third eye works the same way, if you focus on only one talent of it the other is limited. But if you work on developing a more balanced psychic profile you’ll find yourself progressing faster than you would otherwise.

So the first part of working out your third eye is practicing visualizations. The clearer a picture you can create in your mind the better you’ll be able to see with your third eye.
We’ll keep this simple at first, but don’t skip this first step just because you think it’s to easy. The key is to see as much detail as possible, so we’ll start off with something without much detail and work up to more complicated things.
So to start I want you to picture a pencil in your mind. Just an old fashion, yellow number 2 pencil. Look at it’s point, is it sharp or slightly rounded? Where the yellow paint gives way to the sharpened wood, is it perfectly smooth or stripped in a more jagged line? Visualize the eraser, is it perfectly smooth, or does it have flat spots from being used? Focus on these details as much as you can, paint a perfect picture of that pencil in your mind. Got it? Now roll the pencil. Look at it from the other side. Try to let your mind create the details as it moves, the flattened side of the eraser rolls away and reveals a more smooth area. The “NO 2” rolls into view. Allow your mind to freely make these details on it’s own if possible.
When you feel you’re seeing the pencil with clear details move on to something more complicated. Pick up a rock and study it. Look at the crevices and edges. All the jagged little details. Now close your eyes and recreate it. How many of those details can you recreate? Now have some fun with it. Zoom in on a spot, any spot on the stone, and view it as if you were a little microscopic human walking on a new planet. The crevices become canyons, the ridges become mountains. Now zoom out and try it at a different spot. Try to keep the details the same, just viewed from another angle. Allow your mind to provide the details, but have the intent that you’re looking at the same rock from a new perspective.

The other role our third eye plays is our intuition, and this one is far more common and easier to tap into. You’ve probably felt your intuition on numerous occasions, the gut feeling to do or not do something? Thats one form of it. Another is when you have an idea that you just know is right. You can’t explain it, you’re just sure you know something.
Unfortunetly those moments don’t come on demand, so we have to practice our intuition another way. For that we’ll be working on divination.
So first thing to do is to get a divination tool if you don’t already have one. Personally I use rune stones, but if you prefer tarot cards thats fine. Learn the standard meanings of the cards if you don’t already know them, and how to do a reading.
Now then, when you’re doing a reading, you’re going to trust you’re intuition mutiple times. First when you’re drawing your stones or cards. As you’re doing so trust you’re insticts. Spread them out in front of you facing down, slowly move your hand over them until you find one that “feels” right. This could be a feeling in you’re gut, in your mind, or even a sensation of energy coming from the card/stone.
Next you’re going to trust you’re intuition while reading them. For example, lets say you pull the Fehu rune, this is the rune of wealth wich most people would just assume means money. But maybe you have a feeling that in this case the rune is about a different kind of wealth. Maybe you feel like it’s refering to being “wealthy” in friends. Pay attention to intuitive hits like that. Look at your over all reading with both the strict interpretation, and again with these alternative interpretations. I often find that the slightly odd version makes more sense, and when I trust my insticts it resonates with the person recieving the reading more than if I just gave them the straight interpretation, meaning my intuition was right. Practice doing readings every chance you get. Ask your friends if you can practice on them, or do readings on yourself. Eventually you’ll find that it’s almost as if the cards or runes are speaking to you. When you reach that point you know your third eye is open and getting strong.

Try to practice daily. If you have time try to do both daily. The visualization practise can be done whenever you have a few minutes free. If you’re in the bathroom, close your eyes and try visualizing something real quick. If you’re watching tv you can do it during commercial breaks. Find moments where you’re not doing anything to practice throughout the day.
Divination is a bit different, you’ll need to actively set aside 10-15 mins a day to practice, but if you really want to develope your third eye you’ll find the time. Not only will you be strengthening your third eye but you’ll be learning a valuable skill.

Ok now for the elephant in the room. Yes spells can definetly help you develop your third eye, but they are TOOLS, not the solution. Buying dumbells won’t make you strong if you don’t work out, but many people do the magical equivalent of that. We buy a spell, don’t practice, assume the spell failed and buy a different one. It’s the same as buying work out equipment and saying it didn’t work for you when you never took it out of the box and used it. You still have to practice and try to develop you eye yourself, the spells will just assist you and make it develop faster.


10 Replies to “3rd Eye Development”

  1. Is there any herbs which can help to open up the third eye?
    Because here in Africa seeing is not something you will say I’m seeing soething like like like but you should be able to tell vividly what it is

    1. Yes there are some I’ve heard can help open it, but again, if you don’t know how to use it or if it’s not developed properly it won’t do you any good.

  2. I have so many thing that i jist dont know what to do or how to tell people or how to help them sometimes even spirits come to me what do i do

    1. Take it slow. If you can help a person then great, if you can’t it’s better to tell them than to try and fail, especially if the result is you getting cursed or attacked by a negative spirit. In time you’ll get stronger and more knowledgeable and can help more and more people

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